One of the best things about life is the connections we get to make with others, but especially with ourselves.

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We met years ago and what it feel like, many life times ago! That chance meeting, led by inspiration, then led to a beautiful friendship and now a business partnership 5 years later. Learn more about us by clicking here.

Official Bio:

Amanda Joy Loveland

Amanda, is a Shamanic Practitioner,  NLP practitioner, Reiki practitioner, intuitive, visionary, public speaker, successful entrepreneur, podcaster, published author of “Love & The Spaces In Between”, “Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind: a guidebook for navigating the waters after religion & finding your spiritual center” , “The Untold Stories of Motherhood” and mother to four amazing kiddos!

As a seeker of truth and student of life, Amanda has practiced and studied various modalities & practices.  Throughout these experiences, she has become dedicated to being in alignment with her sovereign and highest self; embracing what her unique expression and gifts are meant to be in this life and shared with the world through her practice and teachings.  

Amanda offers individual client sessions, group sessions, retreats, speaking engagements, and mentorship dedicated to spiritual and mental alignment offering healing, tools, growth and expansion. Her passion is assisting others to remember who they are as they find their authentic expression to their own lives, stepping into their unique autonomous selves and embracing their beautiful gifts in all that they are. Are you ready to fully inbody your unique signature that you are?


Michelle Wilding

Michelle stepped onto her inner personal journey over 15 years ago. Having struggled with an eating disorder and her own issues with body image and self worth, it fueled her to finding a solution to solve it.

She worked as a personal trainer for 5+ years helping women to transform their physical bodies to become strong, fit and healthy. After noticing the struggle most women had in maintaining or even achieving their desired results she realized their physical problems had almost nothing to do with what they ate or how much they worked out. They were a direct result of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs they had about themselves.

She attended Brigham Young University where she got her degree in Psychology to understand the inner workings of the mind and human behavior. Her path led her to purse other modalities and avenues that not only assisted her own healing, but has benefited the hundreds of women she's assisted on their own healing journey.

She is a certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy and is also a trained Rapid Transformational Therapist. 

She absolutely loves guiding women to see the powerful, beautiful, authentic being they truly are, while assisting them to start living and creating a life they truly love.

She is the mother to the cutest little puppies Sadie and Wookie, loves fabulous shoes, traveling, road and mountain biking, eating great food and is passionate about helping women succeed.

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I know that as I come to a place of self love, that is pure and unconditional, it radiates out and it changes the fabric of my reality to a place of sweetness, joy & abundance.

I am a divine creator of my reality.

I know that as I choose to be a good steward of the body I've been given that I will become more and more connected to my divine gifts.

I fully claim my ability to access my intuition and take action when I am called.

As I step into my divine feminine, I claim my birth right to co-create the life of my choosing with my body, humanity and god - the divine - source.

I take full accountability for my thoughts, emotions & actions.

I will fully accept all parts of me that I shamed because I judged them as bad, evil, wrong or the belief that I was not good enough or un-loveable.

I choose to accept and acknowledge that as a divine feminine being part of my natural state is that of a mother. I will teach, nurture and love the children in my space to know who they are and step into their power, leading by example.

I know that as I come to accept and bring back to wholeness through love, that I become more and more embodied in my truest essence and this is my gift to myself and to the world.


We have developed a simple and yet powerful system to unlock the keys to having happiness, empowerment and self mastery.

By first diving into the body and having real, physical and tangible results you will start to train your subconscious that you show up for your goals.

Moving then to the mind, you will start to learn and develop tools to master the thoughts and re-program the mind to create the internal state you desire and watch your external world reflect the new thoughts and beliefs.

Often our emotions will get the better of us or we will suppress them so much that our body starts to get sick. Learn to use your emotions as allies that are working on your behalf. Lean into the emotion and let them burn through you creating new emotions and burning out old beliefs.

Our connection to something greater than us, especially as a woman, allows us to activate and open up our gifts that are part of our birthright. When you first master the body, mind, emotions and then step into your true unfiltered connection to spirit/god/source then your purpose will be made manifest.


Be connected to other women on the same path as you.

There is only one you, and sometimes the path to stepping more and more into your truest expression can feel lonely.

Our year long journey together not only is created to cultivate real change and self-mastery, but also to create and foster deep connections with each other. Your tribe is here with us.

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